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April 1, 2016 - Start of Registration
ALS A&E Program Requirements:
- High School Report Card (photocopy)
- Good Moral Character (original)
- Latest Barangay Certification
- 2 copies of I.D. photo (1x1) (white      background)
- NSO Birth Certificate (photocopy)
- 2 copies of I.D. photo (2x2) white      background with nametag

For inquiries and reservations on the ALS A&E Program, call the Community Extension Services (CES) Office at:

     Tel. No.: (02) 525-9416 to 19 local 142

Alternative Learning System - SIC
  • The partnership of the Community Extension Service and the Higher Education Department has been united to offer community services inline with the immediate need of the clients. Through the Community Development Program, the Higher Education Department with the assistance and support of School Administrators, faculty & staff, and students commitment and actively involves itself in the Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency (ALS A&E) Program.


The Balik-Aral Program for Out-of-School Youth and Adults align it's Vision to the Department of Education - Bureau of Alternative Learning System to empower all Filipinos that have a constitusional right to study and learn basic education on their own as well as improve their quality of life, families, community, and country.


The Higher Education Department commit itself to provide Out-of-School Youth and Adults with Academic learning opportunities and gain knowledge as well as to support and help them achieve their dreams as transformed and integrated Christian individuals.


  1. To provide an Alternative means of certification of academic learning for Out-of-School Youth and Adults who are basically literate and those who are unable to avail of the formal system or who have dropped out of formal Elementary or Secondary School.

  2. To offer a system for accessing levels of literacy and non-formal achievement based on ALS A&E Curriculum covering basic and functional skills and competencies comparable to the formal school system.

  3. To enable Out-of-School Youth and Adults to gain Reading, Writing, and Numeracy skills, to meet their learning goals as they define them , and to learn the skills they need to improve their economis status and functions more effectively in society.

  4. To develop their minds to understand of achieving life's goal, promoting relationship with their selves, with other people and enlighten Vincentian spirituality with God;

  5. To enhance the Out-of-Shool Youth and Adults to become more responsible persons and to build bridges in their own communities by epowering them in improving their future.

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