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April 1, 2016 - Start of Registration
ALS A&E Program Requirements:
- High School Report Card (photocopy)
- Good Moral Character (original)
- Latest Barangay Certification
- 2 copies of I.D. photo (1x1) (white      background)
- NSO Birth Certificate (photocopy)
- 2 copies of I.D. photo (2x2) white      background with nametag

For inquiries and reservations on the ALS A&E Program, call the Community Extension Services (CES) Office at:

     Tel. No.: (02) 525-9416 to 19 local 142

Alternative Learning System - SIC

Overview of the ALS A&E Program

  1. What are the legal bases of the Alternative Learning System?
    • Constitution of the Philippines 1987, Art. XIV Sec. 15
    • Executive Order No. 117 Sec. 115
    • DepEd Order No. 32, 1972
    • Proclamation No. 480
  2. What is the ALS Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test?
    • The ALS A&E formerly known as the Non-formal Education A&E Test is a paper and pencil test. The test is designed to measure the competencies of those who have not finished either their formal elementary or secondary education. Passers of this test are given a certificate/diploma (which bears the seal and the signature of the Department Secretary) certifying their competencies as comparable to graduates of the formal school system.
  3. What does a prospective test taker do to prepare for the test?
    • May see an ALS A&E implementors nearest to him/her to get basic information on A&E Learning Program.
    • May enroll in the ALS A&E Learning Program designed to help equip the prospective test taker with the necessary competencies to upgrade his/her knowledge and skills acquired from life experience.
  4. What is the ALS A&E Test Made of?
    • The ALS A&E formerly known as the non-formal education A&E Test is a multiple choice paper and pencil use. The test is divided into two (2) parts: the Multiple Choice Test and Composition Writing. The test runs for 4 hours and 55 minutes for the Secondary Level. The test covers the Five Learning Strands (subject areas) of the ALS Curriculum:
    • Part I. Multiple Choice (4 hours and 25 minutes)
      • Bahagi 1 - Kasanayang Pangkomunikasyon (60 items) - 45 minutes
      • Bahagi 2 - English Communication Skills (60 items) - 30 minutes
      • Bahagi 3 - Matematika at Agham (60 items) - 60 minutes
      • Bahagi 4 - Kabuhayan at Likas na Yaman (60 items) - 45 minutes
      • Bahagi 5 - Pagpapalawak ng Pananaw (60 items) - 45 minutes
    • Part II. Antas ng Kakayahan sa Pagsusulat (30 minutes)
  5. What does one benefit after passing the ALS A&E Test?
    • Enroll as High School Freshman for Elementary level passers;
    • Enroll in post-secondary courses (technical, vocational, two/three/four/five - year course of the CHED and PASUC member institutions);
    • Access to MERALCO Foundation, Inc. and TESDA skill training programs; and
    • Opportunity to acquire eligibility to government employment positions under CSC Resolution No. 449
  6. What does an ALS A&E Test Passer do after results are released?
    • An A&E Test passer gets the following documents:
      1. Examinee Report Form - an individual test result (issued only ONCE)
      2. Certification - signed by the Director IV of the Bureau of Alternative Learning System
      3. Diploma (issued only ONCE) - signed by the Secretary of the Department of Education, bearing the dry seal of the Office of the Secretary