For inquiries on Entrance Examination schedule, inquire at our Guidance Office:

BED Guidance Office - 525-9416 to 19 loc. 148
HED Guidance Office - 525-9416 to 19 loc. 123

SHS Admission Requirements

Submit the following at the Admission’s Office:

  1. Accomplished Application Form for Senior High School.
  2. Two (2) copies of 2"x2" ID picture.
  3. Photocopy of Grade 10 Report Card (at least 1st Quarter).

Entrance Exam Schedule for Senior High:

  1. -    February 29, 2020
           Time: 8:00 AM

Inquire at the following offices for concerns on our Senior High School Program:

Admission’s Office - (02) 525-9416 loc. 108
Registrar’s Office - (02) 525-9416 loc. 144

Download SHS Admission Form
Senior High School (Grades 11 and 12)


Steps to follow for Incoming Grade 11 Students: Office
1. Accomplish an Application Form at the Admission's Office or download the form through the school's website. Admission's Office
2. Submit the accomplished Application Form together with the required documents.
3. Pay necessary examination fee (Php 400.00) and secure examination schedule.
4. Bring exam permit and take examination on said schedule.


Steps to follow for Incoming Grade 11 Students: Office
1. Access the Student Applicant Portal and print your Admission Slip
2. Bring printed Admission Slip and pay the Pre-enrollment Fee of PHP 500.00 at the Cashier.
Note: Pre-enrollment Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable but it shall be deducted from the student's school uniform.
Accounting Office
3. Present payment receipt and Admission Slip duly signed by the Cashier for Reservation. Admission's Office


Steps to follow for Incoming Grade 11 Students: Office
1. Submit Admission Slip and Student Information Sheet together with documents needed for enrollment: (a) Original Form-138 or Junior High School Report Card, (b) 2 photocopies of NSO Birth Certificate, (c) 2 photocopies of Baptismal Certificate, and (d) Certification of Good Moral Character. Registrar’s Office
2. Assessment of School Fees (Tuition, Miscellaneous Fees and Other Fees) and issuance of Student ID Number. Accounting Office
3. Pay necessary School Fees (if applicable) at the Cashier.
4. Secure Order Form and Payment Slip for school uniform and P.E. Uniform. Bookstore/Souvenir Shoppe
5. Payment of school uniform and P.E. Uniform. Cashier
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