For inquiries on Entrance Examination schedule, inquire at our Guidance Office:

BED Guidance Office - 525-9416 to 19 loc. 148
HED Guidance Office - 525-9416 to 19 loc. 123

Admission Procedure

Basic Education Department

  1. Secure an application form for Entrance Exam at the Registrar's Office or download the "Application Form".
  2. Complete and submit the admission requirements to the Principal’s Office.
  3. Pay the Admission Test Fee at the Accounting Office.
  4. Secure the date of Entrance Examination from the Guidance Office.

Schedule of Entrance Examination:

  1. - January 2020 to July 2020
Basic Education Department Scholarship and Grants
Students of the BED
Santa Isabel College Basic Education Department offers the following scholarships:
  • SHS Voucher Program - the voucher enables Grade 11 and 12 students claim a "discount" or a deduction from the cost of tuition and other fees charged by a non-DepEd SHS where he or she will enroll.

  • GASTPE-Educational Service Contracting (ESC) is government assistance to students and teachers in Private Secondary Education. The ESC Grant starts in the grade Grade VII level and represents a four year funding commitment from the government. Incoming Grade VII students will receive a Php 13,000.00 government subsidy.

  • Cash Discount of 2% on tuition is given to parents who pay the student's total school fees on a cash basis.

  • Sibling Discounts is given to parents who has currently enrolled 3 or more children in the current school year. A 10% tuition discount on the 3rd and succeeding children.

  • Alumni Discount of 10% on tuition is given to the child or children of an alumna / alumnus of Santa Isabel College.