SIC Hymn

"Santa Isabel College Hymn"

When white clouds go sailing ov'r blue
And our hearts come homing back to you.
Santa Isabel of our dreams
How we love you so, we love you so.

How your colors glorify the world,
Red and gold across the sky unfurled.
While the sunlight truly proudly gleams,
How we love so.

O SIC, dear SIC
We love you, yes we do, indeed we do.
O SIC our dearest college
And our hearts will ever be true,
    ever be true.
And our hearts will ever be true,
    ever be true.


Santa Isabel College Seal
Santa Isabel College Logo and Seal

The Cross at the center of Santa Isabel College's seal symbolizes Christ, the Center, whose charity urges the institution in its mission of educating the youth. The even arms of the cross stand for the school's freedom from bias in the choice of her students. In between the arms are inscribed four Latin terms, namely: Caritas-Charity, Humilitas-Humility, Sapientia-Knowledge, and Disiplina-Discipline. The school instills in the young, benevolent love, humility, and self-control in relation to themselves, their peers, and specially to the less-privileged. The students are given equal opportunities to acquire and interpret knowledge of truth about the realities around and most especially, the reality of God's providence to human beings, through the different programs. These four aspects of the seal are integrated in the context of the student's Christian and human development.

The colors in the seal are maroon and gold. The cross is colored gold, and the letters and lines are maroon. Gold symbolizes the Church dedicated to the cause of Christian Education. Maroon is the symbol of royalty - Santa Isabel College was founded out of the Spanish Queen's unselfish devotion to the welfare of others. She provided free education to the orphaned daughters of the Spanish soldiers and later to deserving Filipino young girls.